Our Lawn Care service includes:

• Complete Mowing

• Trimming around home, shrubs, trees and walks.

• Cleanup of drives and walks.

Free up time spent every weekend caring for your lawn. Weekly lawn care is affordable and economical. We jfsons_lawn_20130513mow your lawn during the week so you can enjoy your yard on the weekend. Our commercial grade equipment gets you a clean professional looking job.

We also offer many extras that will keep you lawn looking great.

Spring Cleanup: Get your lawn in shape after a hard winter. Includes pickup of debris, thatching and spot seeding.

Fertilizing: We can tailor a fertilizing plan for your lawn or provide a single application We use slow release professional turf care fertilizers. These are the same fertilizers used on sports fields, golf courses and municipal parks.

Fall Cleanup: Head into winter without leaves on the grass, driveway or walks. We will blow and collect leaves and if desired vacuum them from your property.

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